Spencer Project Management and Consultancy

Touching the earth lightly

Welcome to Spencer Project Management and Consultancy – SPMC for short. Since our establishment in April 2016, we have delivered excellent experience-based landscape and irrigation designs to our clients based in the United Arab Emirates. With over 20 years of history of working in the landscape industry, we provide experienced and knowledgeable construction supervision and consultancy for your landscape projects.

At SPMC our aim is to create beautiful spaces which are both culturally and environmentally relevant. Our designs are sympathetic to the climate of the UAE where the importance of preserving the limited water resources in the region plays a big role in our designs. To actively address these challenges, we apply our extensive horticultural and irrigation knowledge when designing and selecting the best possible plant species and irrigation technologies for each of our client’s projects.

We believe that a landscape should enhance and elevate the area, community and environment in which it’s located. Each of our team members are professionally qualified and has the capability and know-how required to make your design projects the best they can be.

Address: PO Box 936144,  Dubai UAE
Phone: +971 50 556 7411
Email: info@spencer.ae